Late Shiv Kumar Sachan(Baba Ji)

Baba Ji who had taken birth on 31st July 1921 in Dobha village in UP. His father’s name was Late. Manohar Lal and his mother were Nanhi Devi since his childhood,  he had been a very ambitious and minute observer of all the happenings of his surroundings. He continued his education even after a lot of obstacles and problems in his life he got married to Surya kumari at the early age of his life which means in the year 1934. In spite of his early marriage, he passed his pre-education in 1935 and was appointed as a post of Primary teacher in 1940. During this post, he really did praise-worthy work so the Administrative began talking about his sincerity and hard work in the field of education that is why he got promotion very soon and he promoted the post of Junior teacher in the year 1950.

Our Vision

Giving wings to thoughts

We, at SGOI, believe in ‘transformative education’ that inspires ideas and thoughts of success; a ‘dynamic discipline’ that contributes to building a strong character and realization of a student’s true potential. Our vision is to give them wings to fly, so high, that they dream and work towards achieving limitless possibilities in life. It is our aspiration to uplift, encourage and motivate students so that the highest standards of excellence are attained and to nurture students with love to become capable & responsible citizens.

Nurturing ambition and abilities to build global leaders

Committed to providing unparalleled education that encompasses not only academic excellence but also fosters social, ethical and spiritual awareness, Shivaji Global Academy endeavours to build global leaders who make a positive impact on the world. Our mission is to establish an environment that nurtures ambition & abilities where the students find their voice, develop their talents and learn leadership skills to equip themselves for the various roles in this ever-changing world. Determined to provide the perfect atmosphere of learning, growing and accomplishing meaningful goals, SGA through its holistic education ensures that every student treads on their own lifelong journey of creativity – a journey that takes courage, inspires resilience, achieves personal excellence and fosters giving.

Our Mission

our mission

Our Values

Student-centric pedagogy as every child is special Provide quality education with a global perspective

1. Recognize the unique individuality & true potential of each child.
2. Inculcate values central to the ethos of the school and the community.
3. Impart a curriculum that blends global education with traditional Indian qualities.
4. Instill ethics like integrity, honesty, tolerance, trust and compassion in students.
5. Encourage children to become independent thinkers and active learners.
6. Equip children with life skills to enable them to grow into independent, creative and adaptive adults.
7. Train & guide students to ‘Think, Act and Lead’ rather than being confined to the classroom.
8. Focus on the all-round development of children i.e. physical, social, moral, spiritual and intellectual development.
9. Emphasize the philosophy of ‘Every Child Matters’ thereby enabling each student to optimize their potential.
10. Encourage learning by doing thus enhancing interpersonal & intrapersonal skills.


Morning Assembly

Kindergarten Corn Party

Diwali Celebration


I convey my best wishes to the  School Heads, Faculty, Parents, and Students for their enriching and dynamic growth.
On behalf of the Management, I would like to congratulate the staff, the students and all the others directly and indirectly associated with the Shivaji group of institutions for the successful completion of a glorious tenure of 25 years.

Atul Singh —Chairman

Warm greetings to everyone –

The Digital Revolution in the 21st century has brought about a paradigm shift transforming the future of human society. In such a scenario, we are committed to empowering the students with sound knowledge, good character, meaningful experiences, life skills and values, so that they can contribute to building a strong nation and a better world. Further, the school inculcates in its students a respect for tradition and culture and ensures discipline, good manners and etiquette.

Principal’s message

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